Some reviews for Not the Enemy

2009 April 24

The Guardian
The Telegraph
Financial Times
Irish Times
Asharq Alawsat

Syria - UK vote on intervention. Sky news interview 30 August 2013

2013 August 30

Attacking Syria is about saving face, not saving lives

2013 August 28

There is no such thing as a “surgical strike”, and we must assume that civilians may be killed in any airstrikes.

Why Egyptians are cheering a coup - for now

2013 August 25

The Muslim Brotherhood blew its chance at democratic leadership. But Egypt won’t allow the army’s brutal rule for ever

EU overtakes the US as a peace broker with significant clout

2013 July 31

Peace process or EU penalties: which is a better tool?

Tunisia - don’t go down the same route as Egypt

2013 July 26

The assassination of Mohamed Brahmi has provoked angry demonstrations that risk derailing the country’s democratic process

EU’s decision on Israel like ‘a bucket of cold water on the head of a drunk’

2013 July 18

My piece on the EU finally taking a tougher stance on Israeli settlements

Egypt’s ‘non-coup’ - Obama’s spread-betting

2013 July 11

My Guardian piece on America’s approach duplicitous to Egypt’s crisis

AJE Inside Story on Egypt crisis

2013 July 8

I talk to AJE’s Inside Story about the military coup, the massacres of Muslim Brotherhood protesters and what happens next in Egypt

AJE - talking about Egypt crisis and how to resolve it

2013 July 7

BBC News - Egypt crisis: what next?

2013 July 6