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2009 April 24

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‘They started it’ is getting us nowhere

2014 September 25

Middle East Eye column: latest debate over who ordered the abduction of Israel teens, which led to the recent war on Gaza is distracting us from the greater, unchanging reality of the occupation.

Confronting ISIL: Why bombing is doomed to fail

2014 September 18

The west’s experience in the Middle East is that military intervention doesn’t counter terror; so why do it again?

UK’s war on terror 2.0

2014 September 4

As the medievally violent Islamic State group terrorises its way across Syria and Iraq, the British government’s response has been to dust off the hysteria-laden counter-terror tenets of the post-9/11 years

Gaza: The bomb-rebuild cycle must stop

2014 August 10
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Pounded by three wars in the past six years, what’s to stop a reconstructed Gaza being bombed again in the future?

Israel: This is what national resistance looks like

2014 July 25

Israel’s conflation of Hamas, the Islamic State and Boko Haram aims to denigrate Palestinian nationalism.

Israel’s dominant media narrative

2014 July 6

In reporting the current clashes, why does Western media never begin with Palestinian pain?

Western interventionists: Why are they still talking?

2014 June 24

AJE column: As the debate has moved on in light of the west’s dismal Middle East record,interventionists keep making the same case. But why?

Iraq and the Western military meddlers

2014 June 15

AJE column: After decade of turmoil caused by Iraq invasion, interventionists call for more airstrikes to solve current crisis.

UK hysteria over ‘Islamist’ threat is fuelling race hate

2014 May 7

AJE column: Britain’s panicked take on ‘Islamists’ has enabled the spread of racism and emboldened the far-right UKIP party.

Battling perceptions: Minorities in the Arab world

2014 April 10

AJE column: We must move away from the overriding narrative that ‘sectarianism’ is the natural state of the Arab world.